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General Process

Creating a habit of improving 1% everyday
I have been working as the UX Researcher, UX Analyst and Interaction Designer to help plan and set the business requirements for further development, as well as improving the overall User Experience in the existing system. I work with several development teams on many products. My work involves the User Experience on three levels.

I design solutions based on requests from stakeholders or based on user feedback from the markets. New or complete overhaul of an application, improve upon a existing features. I create flowcharts for the user journey, data flow and low- & high-fidelity prototypes, in collaboration with different departments depending on their need to understand the data.

UX Researcher

Working with a vast enterprise system I must analyze all available information about the user groups, user behavior, technical data for that country or group of experts. I can't expect to reach the same level of expertise as the users of the system but learn what they want to achieve. I often perform interviews, observations, and user tests with users. This would often involve traveling the globe and interacting with a lot of different types of people. It takes practice to be able to get valuable data from users with different levels of technical competence, background, or culture.

UX Analyst

I synthesize data collected from interviews, observations, or workshops to find patterns and to find connections to previous research. An important part is also to make it easier to communicate to developers, designers, managers. It includes creating briefs for stakeholders to motivate further development or why not to continue.

Interaction Designer

I create high fidelity clickable prototypes. Often made from our library of already existing elements and can quickly go into user testing. I work closely with developers and managers. User testing products that results in changes and improvements and the process loops back to UX Research.

We are using the double diamond to explain the process for all stakeholders. It has been key to bring UX into a process including everyone from technicians in China to Department leaders in Norway.

In my browser favorites: Double Diamond by Dan Nessler

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Strange machines from the north

UX Analyst UX Researcher

When Australia started their deposit system together with TOMRA I was on the ground to research how well the system performed. I was tasked to observe and interview end users, test our internal systems with our brand new employees and how we could improve the roll out of machines on the other side of the world.

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